Shooting after ‘raucous’ party leads to arrest of 19-year-old

Man arrested in after-prom party shooting

LANCASTER, S.C. (WBTV) - A person has been arrested and charged with attempted murder in connection to a shooting Sunday in Lancaster.

Jairus Jikee Vinson, 19, was arrested after police say shots were fired at an after prom party at In The Kut on Charlotte Highway shortly after midnight.

According to a release, an estimated 100 or so people showed up to the party and when officers arrived attendees were running from the scene and leaving in their cars.

Officials say a disturbance started inside of the venue and then spilled outside into the parking lot.
Officials say a disturbance started inside of the venue and then spilled outside into the parking lot. (Source: Kristi O'Connor)

A 19-year-old had a grazing gunshot wound on the right side of his back. He was transported to the hospital to be treated. Deputies say another victim, a 22-year-old woman, was transported to the hospital by a car. She sustained a gunshot wound across her right cheek.

Officials say that a disturbance happened inside the party and spilled out into the parking lot where the shooting occurred. According to the release, investigators found two cars in the parking lot that had been damaged by gunfire and later found damage to nearby businesses.

Fred Reid, who owns In the Kut, said he knew the parents of the teens who were throwing the party. He says he was at the barber shop next door and was checking in on the party throughout the night.

Reid says a fight broke out between young men at the party and he told everyone they needed to go home. He says as people were leaving the party, shots rang out. He believes they came from a distance.

A woman who lives nearby, but wishes to remain anonymous, says she had just gotten home from work about a half hour before the shots were fired. She says the parties held there are usually not that big or violent.

“I was sitting in there watching TV and at about 12:30, 12:40 I heard three different shots going off, very rapidly,” the woman said. “I worry about coming home at nights now because I have to come through here and it’s worrisome.”

Deputies said a pistol was recovered from inside of the venue.

Officials say an investigation led them to determine Vinson as a suspect. They obtained an arrest warrant for Vinson and arrested him at his home on Barron Boulevard.

During his arrest, officials say they saw items that led to the issuance of a search warrant for narcotics.

Vinson was charged with attempted murder, discharging a firearm into an occupied dwelling, building, or structure and carrying a pistol for the shooting. He was also charged with possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine, possession with intent to distribute cocaine and two counts of possession two counts of possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine or cocaine within proximity of a park.

Bond was denied for Vinson and he remains in the Lancaster County Detention Center.

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