Molly’s Kids: Today Ally Davis gets her transplant

Molly’s Kids: Today Ally Davis gets her transplant

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Even when through the ringer, Ally Davis is smiling.

Today is the day this Cabarrus County 14-year-old has been working towards since February: Transplant Day. Her transplant was complete at 1:57 p.m. Dad Preston says the first two things she asked for when she woke up were watermelon and peanut butter.

The doctor harvested Ally’s healthy cells on April 1, where they were then sent to a storage facility. They were in storage until this morning, when they were sent overnight to the hospital.

Ally received two separate bags of stem cells. (Being that they’re her own cells, doctors expect her body to accept them without issue.) After today she’ll be monitored to see if her body can start reproducing its own healthy cells. Once that happens, she’ll be able to go home.

Question is: How long will that take? Could go as fast as 20 days. Could also go as long as 40 days. Just depends how her body responds.

To get ready for this transplant, Ally has been in the hospital for a week receiving massive rounds of chemo.

She has been pretty sick, and had a feeding tube to help get nutrition because she’s developed mouth sores/blisters in her mouth, and down her throat. Every time she gets sick, her dad says, the tube comes up. So this morning, the Medical Team decided to mildly sedate her to place a specialized tube with a small weight to help keep it down.

As I’ve reported before, after all this is over, Ally will have to receive all of her shots from childbirth until now, all over again.

Which is why seeing Ally’s trademark smile is so incredible.

Congrats, girl. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.


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