McCready, Bishop work to define which ‘Dan’ is best for District 9

Published: May. 15, 2019 at 6:17 PM EDT
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Just 30 minutes before Democrat Dan McCready was planning to have a press conference Dan Bishop took center stage right outside McCready's headquarters with a cardboard cutout of his opponent.

"It'll have as much to say as Dan McCready will today," Bishop said.

Bishop took a play right out of President Donald Trump’s playbook, coming up with a nickname for McCready - ‘Wrong Dan’. Bishop also stood by Trump on immigration issues at the border.

It turned into an afternoon of each Dan trying to label the other.

"His agenda is quite possibly the worst thing that North Carolina has ever seen," McCready said.

"People who are running for Congress offering themselves for congress aught to let the voters no where they stand," Bishop said.

But McCready did stand apart from some democrats in Washington by saying he does not support the Green New Deal

"The way to do it is exactly how i did it here in North Carolina," McCready said touting his experience with solar energy.

He also said he does not support medicare-for-all.

But both candidates had questions they wanted to dodge. For Bishop it was HB2, the bill he authored.

“As it turns out I think voters are tired of hearing about it,” Bishop said.

For McCready it was about whether he would rule out a senate run in 2020.

“I actually can’t think one day in front of September 10th,” McCready said.

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