Forever Family: Meet Miracle

Published: May. 14, 2019 at 11:51 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If this middle school girl’s name does not spark your intrigue, then nothing I write will come close to captivating you.

Our 11-year-old at first appears very quiet and soft spoken, but one on one when asked questions she reveals a more spunky, and outspoken side.

She has a beautiful smile but the thing she is most proud of is her name and the identity she has found in it.

We sat at the table and enjoyed lunch before an afternoon of filming and when introducing herself she quietly stuck out her hand and said, “My name is Miracle.”

I looked back into her warm chocolate brown eyes and told her I thought her name was a strong and unique name. She smiled boldly and said, “Thanks, I think so too.”

Everyone complimented not just her name, but her bravery.

Miracle was anxious to be at filming and to have her photo taken. She was nervous to be in front of the camera though her beautiful pictures would make you think otherwise with how carefree her smile appears.

Her bravery was most apparent in her interview where she shared her hopes and her dreams. Miracle was quick to answer questions with not just clear articulate answers but what stood out more was her poise and confidence as she spoke.

As you watch her interview you almost have to remind yourself she is a young girl in middle school, a time when many young girls top priority is being cool or attempting to blend in.

Miracle desires to stand out. She is a survivor who sits and waits in the foster care system for a family to call her own.

This 11-year-old aspires to someday be a doctor and wants to be able to help others.

Currently in her foster home, she has foster brothers and sisters and stated that she is grateful to them because they have helped her identify her desire to be the youngest sister.

Miracle stated she would love to have older siblings to grow with and learn from.

Her journey has led her to a place where she is not concerned with the hippest shade of lip gloss or what shoes her peers are wearing.

This middle school girl is not only thinking about her day-to-day situations but the hope and assurance to someday know what her forever family will look like:

  • A home to come to after middle school, high school, college and someday when she has a family of her own.
  • An older sibling or two that will be there to listen and give advice about navigating friendships and what teachers to avoid in high school.
  • A mom that will help her pick out her prom dress and be with her through the ups and downs of her upcoming teen years.
  • A dad to love her and someday walk her down the aisle.

This family doesn’t have to be perfect, she acknowledges that no family is, but just the fact that they will always be there for her will be enough.

And although the family who considers bringing her home will think they are the answer to her prayer they will quickly see that what she brings to their family is nothing short of a miracle!

Ashley McKinley
Program Development Director
North Carolina Forever Families Coordinator Seven Homes Inc

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