Three car radiator issues to look out for

Troubleshoot your car radiator with these tips

Three car radiator issues to look out for


When your car has radiator issues, it can have a massive effect on performance. Your car radiator plays a huge part in keeping your car up and running smoothly, so when it has problems it can cause even bigger and costlier issues in your engine bay. Luckily, Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help! Our auto service techs are here to explain why this part is so important and how it works in the grand scheme of things, as well as give you the warning signs that you may have an issue. Read on!

What does your car radiator actually do?

Let’s talk about what your car radiator does and why it’s so essential to your car’s overall performance. Your car has a pretty complex cooling system under the hood designed to keep coolant circulating throughout the engine block so your vehicle doesn’t overheat as it works. The system is composed of belts, hoses, clamps, thermostats, and more, but the most important part is the car radiator.

Why? Because it has two main jobs. One is to circulate coolant throughout the engine block, pushing it through the hoses so it can effectively cool down your engine. The other is to recool the coolant after it’s been circulated, using a fan to keep it at a temperature somewhere between 190 and 210 degrees F. Obviously, when this part is having issues, you’re going to face some pretty big repercussions. If your engine can’t be cooled, then you run the risk of it overheating and you winding up with some pretty big auto repairs on your hands.

Our Charlotte Toyota service techs point out warning signs

How do you know if you’ve got a developing problem with your car radiator on your hands? Here are the 3 major signs our Charlotte auto service techs recommend looking out for.

#1: Rust.

Since your car radiator is constantly heating up and cooling over and over again, it’s prone to develop a lot of moisture. All of this excess moisture can lead to rust, which can cause serious and costly damage if not dealt with. If you spot rust on this car part, then you need to visitToyota of N Charlotte right away for service.

#2: Leaks.

If you spot green or blue liquid under your car, you likely have a coolant leak somewhere in your cooling system. This means your engine isn’t getting the coolant it needs and can overheat. Schedule Charlotte auto service to have our techs take a look and diagnose where the leak is coming from.

#3: Mineral buildup.

Minerals can buildup in the hoses leading out from your car radiator, causing blockages that prevent coolant from getting where it needs to go. If you spot your temperature gauge rising in your car, then it’s time to have things checked out by the pros at our Charlotte Toyota service center.

Need car radiator service to get things back on track? Call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (704) 659-2025. We’re open seven days a week for your convenience!

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