Concord mother and daughter want to thank bystanders, first responders who offered help after serious crash

Good Samaritans help family escape crash

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A mother and daughter from Concord are hoping to find the people who stopped to help them after a serious crash in Cabarrus County. The wreck happened Thursday morning at the intersection of Highway 49 and Zion Church Road.

Ashley Carroll and her mother, Tracie Rowles, were making a turn at the intersection when the wreck happened. Both women spoke to WBTV about the horrific accident in an interview Tuesday morning.

“The arrow turned green for me to go, mom screamed, I looked over, saw a truck and I woke up in the ambulance,” explained Carroll.

Carroll said she doesn’t remember the aftermath of the crash, but her mother never lost consciousness.

“I seen that truck coming and he was coming kinda fast and I said ‘Ashley! Ashley!’ and then it was just crash,” described Rowles.

The crash left their vehicle mangled. Rowles, an Army veteran, wasn’t prepared for what she saw after the collision.

I was beatin’ on the door, beatin’ on the door,” explained Rowles. “I looked over at Ashley and her eyes were like halfway open, but she was just still. She looked like she was dead.”

Her daughter was still alive, but she had been knocked unconscious. Rowles said that before first responders could arrive, bystanders jumped in to help her and Ashley.

“This blonde lady, she got me out of the car, her and her husband and she walked me over to the grass,” explained Rowles.

Both women agreed they could have been left in a tough, dangerous position had it not been for the Good Samaritans.

“There’s no telling how long it would have took for 911 to be called had people not pulled over,” said Carroll.

Both the mother and daughter have been left with serious bumps and bruises, but Carroll was driving and suffered more damage than her mother. She has two black eyes, a broken collarbone and staples in the back of her head. Rowles is just grateful her daughter survived the crash.

“All I know is God gave me my daughter back and that was the best Mother’s Day present ever,” said Rowles.

Both women said they wanted to share the story with WBTV in hopes that the people who stopped to help them will reach out so they can say ‘thank you’.

“I just wanna thank all them people that helped us, all the fireman, all the police, all the bystanders, and I would like to meet them and let them know how much we appreciate all the prayers and the help and everything they did for us,” said Rowles.

According to a crash report from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, the driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash was cited for failure to stop at a red light.

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