Republican candidates face off in primary NC District 09 election

Updated: May. 14, 2019 at 8:48 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Ten Republican candidates for the NC-9 Congressional faced off in a primary election Tuesday, with Dan Bishop declared the winner of the Republican primary. The election came after the State Board of Elections voted unanimously in favor of a new election after a hearing on election fraud and absentee ballot tampering in Bladen County.


Bishop will represent the GOP against Democrat Dan McCready in the special election for the open house seat in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District in September.

The NCGOP sent out a press release congratulating Bishop after an outright win in the primary Tuesday night.

The seat has been vacant since Robert Pittenger left office at the end of 2018. Mark Harris, who beat Pittenger in the 2018 primary election and narrowly won over Democrat Dan McCready, called for a new election at the end of a NCSBE hearing into alleged voter fraud in the general election.

A candidate is required to get 30 percent plus one vote in order to avoid a runoff. If a runoff is necessary, it would be held in September and the general election will be in November. If no runoff is necessary, the general election will be in September.

Republicans who faced off Tuesday were listed in order of how they appeared on the primary ballot:

  • Stevie Rivenbark Hull (R)
  • Matthew Ridenhour (R)
  • Stony Rushing (R)
  • Fern Shubert (R)
  • Albert Lee Whitley Jr (R)
  • Chris Anglin (R)
  • Dan Bishop (R)
  • Leigh Thomas Brown (R)
  • Kathie C Day (R)
  • Gary Dunn (R)
  • Allen Smith (GRE)
  • Jeff Scott (LIB)

Dan McCready was the sole democrat in the special election.

The general election will be Sept. 10, which coincides with Charlotte’s municipal primaries. If a second primary is necessary, the general election would be Nov. 5, following a Sept. 10 runoff election.

Days after the hearing into alleged election fraud held by the NCSBE, Harris announced that he would not be running in the new election for the 9th Congressional District.

In a statement released on his Facebook page, Harris said “after consulting with my physicians, there are several things that my health situation requires as a result of the extremely serious condition that I faced in mid-January. One of those is a necessary surgery that is now scheduled for the last week in March.”

The hearing ended abruptly during Harris’ testimony when he took the stand and read a statement that he had testified incorrectly under oath and called for a new election in the 9th District. NCSBE members voted to hold a new election within hours of that statement.

McCrae Dowless, who was hired by Mark Harris to run an absentee ballot operation in Bladen, Robeson and Cumberland Counties in the 2018 election, was indicted by the Wake County District Attorney and charged with election-related crimes.

The Grand Jury returned sealed indictments on Tuesday against multiple people, including Dowless, following the District 9 investigation hearing.


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