Brewery offered free beer as reward for finding stolen van. It was back in 42 minutes.

The Unknown Brewing Company’s original post about its stolen van on Monday. The company in...
The Unknown Brewing Company’s original post about its stolen van on Monday. The company in South End is owned by Brad Shell.(Screengrab from Facebook | Screengrab from Facebook)
Updated: May. 14, 2019 at 12:10 PM EDT
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A brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina, may have set a record this week for the recovery of a stolen vehicle, after offering a keg party to whoever found it — including the thieves.

It took just 42 minutes for the missing truck to turn up, The Unknown Brewing Co. says.

“(Three) fine individuals stole one of our vans early this AM,” said a Monday Facebook post by the brewery, located just south of Uptown.

“Please help us find it. Share with all of your friends. Whoever finds it, (the owner) Brad will buy you a keg party,” the post continues. “If you stole it and bring it back: you will also get a keg party. (Smile for the camera).”

A woman named Caroline Faith was credited by the company with finding the van 42 minutes later, parked on a Charlotte side street. She posted a photo of it on Instagram as her proof.

“New world record for finding a stolen van,” said the brewing company’s follow-up post. “Over 15 people called in with tips.”

The company did not say if there were any suspects in the case.

Social media responses to the theft and the quick discovery were largely humorous, with some accusing a competing brewery and others noting the futility of stealing a van with a company logo on it.

“Unknown individuals stole the Unknown van. The location of the van and the individuals remain Unknown,” wrote David Merrill on the brewery’s Facebook page.

“Who steals such a unique van? People are so stupid,” said Hunter Jay Scofield on Facebook.

“It sounds like all we need to do to have a keg party is hide your van from you for 45 minutes,” wrote Matt McCauley on Facebook.

We found it! Thanks everyone. Charlotte you did awesome. New world record for finding a stolen van. @carolineeeefaith...

Posted by The Unknown Brewing Company on Monday, May 13, 2019