Rock Hill Police look at recent mass shootings to adjust training exercises

Rock Hill PD holds active shooter training

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - The Rock Hill Police Department held an active shooter training at the Galleria Mall on Friday.

According to Lt. Michael Chavis, the department hosts active shooter drill five times a year. He says they open it up to law enforcement agencies in the region. They say officers from the Clover Police Department and agents from ATF participated Friday.

In Friday’s exercise, officers were responding to what was staged to be a shooting at a nightclub. They had to navigate through smoke, strobe lights, loud music and dozens of victims to get to the shooter.

Once the gunman was removed, officers and medics from Piedmont Medical Center EMS attended to the victims.

Lt. Chavis says they tweak each training they host to make it as realistic as possible. He says they plan to learn from the shootings at UNC Charlotte.

“We’re waiting for the lessons learned to come out because when you’re talking about a college campus, you talking about clearing multiple buildings in multiple levels and that’s going to take time, that’s something our officers need to be prepared for,” Chavis said.

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