Mooresville locals, retired first responders honor fallen officer Jordan Sheldon as procession moves through

Fallen officer honored by community, laid to rest

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For many, adults and kids, the procession of fallen officer Jordan Sheldon, was the first time they say they had ever seen something like it.

“It’s inspiring," said Matteo Papis, a local Iredell-Statesville schools student.

Matteo and his mom,Tati, live in Mooresville. They both made a sign that reads “Thank You Officer Sheldon” and decorated it with paw prints to honor Sheldon who worked alongside his K-9 Ramon.

“It’s good for the community to come together and see kids coming out of school early like I did," said Matteo.

Matteo and so many other Iredell-Statesville students who were released early from school, joined the community to watch the procession of officer Sheldon.

“While the procession was happening, you see, you know all hundreds, thousands of cars coming by, I kept on thinking that the police department, fire department, any emergency personnel probably gained a lot of new, you know, kids that are going to admire them so much and probably want to do what they’re doing," said Tati. "I kept on thinking in my mind that I would be so proud of my kids if if they became an officer.”

That feeling rings true for retired Charlotte Firefighter of 27 years Bingham Hefner.

“There’s a lot of kids here that they will be imprinted - probably someone might take on the career of being a firefighter, being a police officer being of public service,” said Hefner as he talked about the admiring of young faces that came out to honor Sheldon. "A lot of folks don’t put that uniform on every day to go to work, they put that uniform to go and protect the public.”

“Maybe people will be encouraged to live more like [Sheldon]” said Tati.

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