Crime Stoppers: Arrest made in vicious light rail attack caught on camera

Crime Stoppers: Man viciously attacked on the light rail

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A man has been arrested after allegedly attacking a helpless man on the light rail. Police called it a true crime of opportunity.

Brandon Hunter was arrested and charged with assault inflicting serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, common law robbery, disorderly conduct, felonious restraint, first degree kidnapping and simple assault in connection to attacking the passenger.

The attack, which was all caught on camera, happened around 1 a.m. on Thursday, April 18. When one man boarded the train there was just one other person on board.

“We see on the video that our suspect is already on the train when the victim gets on,” CMPD Detective Brandon Miller said.

As the train starts moving the victim takes a tumble, falling to the floor of the train car. The passenger on board heads over as any decent person would - it looks like he’s going to check on the man.

But a look at the video shows that as the man is being helped up, the other passenger appears to be patting him down, checking his pockets.

“This definitely has all the indications that this is a crime of opportunity, because there’s no way our suspect knew that this particular victim was going to get on the train and fall down,” Detective Miller explained.

Things then go from bad to worse. After helping the man up, the opportunist decides he’s going to take the man back down to the ground. He continues searching for items and swats the man as he walks away.

He then decides he isn’t finished and delivers a running kick to the groggy passenger. But he still wasn’t done - he grabs a metal object from his cart and delivers a blow to the man’s head.

“There was no reason that this guy needed to physically assault this guy at all,” Miller said. “We think the suspect was just upset that he didn’t get anything so he decided to take it out on this victim.”

It was a senseless attack that ended up sending the victim to the hospital.

Detective Miller says they received tips about the suspect and received warrants on Hunter before finding out he was arrested by G4S Security.

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