West Charlotte High School thanks Panthers owner David Tepper

West Charlotte says thank you to Panthers owner David Tepper

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Back in March, the West Charlotte men’s basketball team needed a little help financially for buses and hotels as they prepared to play in the state championships in Raleigh. Panthers owner David Tepper stepped in and today, the school thanked him.

The team would present the Panthers owner with a jersey signed by the team. Just a small token compared to enormous generosity shown by Tepper who did this because it hit close to home.

“I went to a legitimate inner city high school,” said Tepper. “I can relate to this stuff. I know some of the challenges."

Tepper would call the run of West Charlotte to the title game an “underdog story” yet another thing that hits close to home for Tepper.

“I view myself as a bit of an underdog too,” said Tepper. “Amazing things can happen from a place like West Charlotte and where you can go in life. Don’t forget that!”

Tepper has even gotten the school chant of “Dub C -- you know" as he chanted it with the crowd on more than one occasion.

“Sometimes there’s no decisions to make,” said Tepper. "When you can do something good, you do it-- period.”

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