SUV slams into home, driver charged with DWI with his mother in car

SUV slams into home, driver charged with DWI with his mother in car

BURKE COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A man was charged with DWI Wednesday after an SUV slammed into a home.

Troopers say 37-year-old Greg Rogers was driving with his mother in the car when he lost control of his vehicle on Conley Road, just south of the City of Morganton. The SUV then flipped and crashed into a home.

Rogers and his mother were were taken to the hospital but should be okay after the crash, but Rogers was charged with DWI and reckless driving.

Officials said both had seat belts on and troopers say that saved their lives.

Troopers say the SUV had swerved a few times on the road, went off Conley Road and started rolling then hit the house and rolled one more time.

The owner of the home, Mel Palmer, said he was in his backyard when he heard the SUV lose control. Then he heard the crash.

Palmer says he heard tires squealing and then heard a big impact on his house. He was walking back to the house at the time and saw pieces of car go flying.

“I am disgusted that an individual could be on the road like that,” the homeowner said.

Half of the front of the house was crushed inward and part of the roof was chewed up by the rolling vehicle. The corner of the home was crushed as well.

The living room room and a front room were badly damaged, along with Palmer’s collectibles.

Luckily, Palmer is OK.

Palmer said he’s worried he’ll never be able to replace the collectibles that were destroyed, adding “It takes a lot of years to accumulate things like this.”

Troopers think damage is in the many tens of thousands of dollars.

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