Mom concerned about son’s dangerous half-mile walk from school bus stop

Bus stop half a mile from student's home

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Annette Albright says her she loves her son Malik’s school, but it’s what she says happens when he is dropped off by the school bus that she’s not happy about.

“They pass by right here, go up to Oakshire circle and let my son off," says Annette.

She is talking about where her son gets dropped off from school everyday. She says that’s a problem because it forces her 14-year-old son Malik, on days where she can’t directly pick him up at his bus stop, to walk a half mile down a busy section of Valleydale road, through a construction zone, without a sidewalk all to make it home.

“When they could just stop here and let my son off," says Annette.

“But they drive him through the construction zone, and let him off and then he has to walk back through the construction zone to get back home.”

When he gets off at Oakshire Circle, the side walk ends, which means when he starts walking on Valleydale road and he’s walking on the side of the road, no side walk, heading straight for a construction zone.

“What if someone is texting on their phone and veers off, then he could potentially be hit," asked Annette.

“I have called the transportation department literally begging them saying, you know, this is not safe for my kid.”

But since Malik goes to Hopewell High school, he’s considered to be out of his school transportation zone and she says CMS refuses to stop to accommodate her safety concerns. We reached out to CMS to ask about this and their policy regarding bus drop off locations, but so far we havent heard a response.

“That’s been the ‘big issue’, he’s out of his transportation zone, even though 3 buses come by this neighborhood, pick up and drop of students at Hopewell.”

She says she’s thankful CMS continues providing transportation for her son even though he’s out of his transportation zone.

“I was like no you’re really not doing me a favor because he is a CMS student and everyone in the district should be concerned that he’s getting home safely, not based on what school hes going to.”

We reached out to Charlotte Department of Transportation to see if there are any plans of adding a sidewalk to that stretch of Valleydale road from Oaskshire circle to Mellwood drive, so far we have not heard back.

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