Officer Sheldon remembered through Adopt A Cop organization

Community remembers Officer Sheldon's commitment and dedication

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - While fallen Mooresville Police officer Jordan Sheldon will undoubtedly be remembered for his police work in the city he served, some will cherish the work he did off the beat.

Sheldon worked closely with the Adopt A Cop organization in Mooresville, according to the program’s founder, Naomi Race. Race explained that Adopt A Cop allows for the community to support the Mooresville Police Department. She said her organization sponsors lunches and provides gifts for officers during the holidays.

“He was very instrumental last year in Adopt A Cop because one of our days was dedicated specifically to the K-9s,”said Race about Sheldon.

She explained that Sheldon was good at communicating with members of the public, including the youngest members of the community.

“Just an amazing guy. He would take the time out for kids. He would take the time and get down on their level and talk to them and do the demonstrations with dogs and just you know it was not about him ever. It was about him giving back,” said Race.

These feelings have been echoed by others who knew Sheldon through the Adopt A Cop organization.

“Officer Sheldon was on the Adopt A Cop program for my son’s fifth grade class and one thing that really stood out is at the beginning of the school year they asked for his gift basket and he deferred anything for himself and just said he wanted gift cards for his K-9,” said Mooresville father Darren Jones.

He explained that Sheldon went the extra mile to convey his gratitude towards the elementary school students.

“He was so thoughtful that he took a video of him giving his K-9 a treat and sent it to the class so the kids could see it - just extremely thoughtful,” said Jones.

Now that Sheldon’s gone, members of the community are coming up with their own thoughtful ways to honor the officer’s memory.

Race said she has specific plans in the works, but thinks there’s an easy place for everyone to start.

“That would be a good way to honor him - just to put everything aside, put every difference aside and just say ‘you know let’s pull together. Let’s rally. Let’s make this something that the ripples are felt all across the world’,” stated Race.

Race said her organization has already partnered with local businesses that are creating special signs and ribbons to honor Sheldon’s memory.

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