CMS runs social media campaign during Children’s Mental Health Week

CMS runs social media campaign during Children’s Mental Health Week

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This week is Children’s Mental Health week, and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district is using social media to shed light on ways students can see the signs and get help.

Each mental health problem looks different, so they’re using the hashtag #CMSigns to teach students how to self-diagnose.

Every day this week they will be posting a one-minute video.

Monday night they focused on anxiety and depression. Tuesday they will highlight ADHD.

In the days to come they will talk about substance abuse, screen addiction and suicide.

They are highlighting the signs to look out for and what students can do to get help by spreading awareness of the resources at school including counselors and psychologists.

A key component to this is getting students to share their stories.

“When you have that ability to have someone close to you or that may look like you, or talk like you, or act like you, understand I had this and I beat it or I’m dealing with it and it’s getting better, that’s a huge piece of this as well,” CMS High School Counseling Specialist Damon Whalen said.

They will close the week with a livestream round-table conversation involving students, the CMS student wellness team, and local health professionals.

The livestream is on Friday at 4 p.m. and they’re still looking for student participants to sign up here.

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