NCDMV cancels training for new hires to prepare for ‘peak demand’ this summer

Instead of a four-week course, driver license examiners will get on the job training

NCDMV cancels training for new hires to prepare for ‘peak demand’ this summer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles has cancelled basic training for new driver license examiners as it prepares for an expected uptick in customers seeking a new license or ID card this summer.

The decision was announced to staff at driver license offices across the state last week in an email.

“DLEBS will be discontinued during the summer and resume on October 7th,” an email sent to driver license office supervisors last week by Regional Chief Examiner Genia Newkirk said.

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Instead of receiving training at what DMV has previously described as an intensive four-week course, a spokesman told WBTV on Monday new hires “will have initial training as soon as they are hired and on-the-job training at their work locations through the summer rush.”

The internal email obtained by WBTV to driver license supervisors addressed anticipated problems that would come as a result of the lack of training.

“Please be patient with your new hires, report all concerns up to the Chiefs,” Newkirk’s email said. “We will work with Leadership, and the Training Staff to help ease the ‘pains’ that the DLO’s will face due to the suspension of formal training.”

When a WBTV reporter asked the DMV spokesman about the email and, specifically, the “pains” anticipated due to lack of training, the spokesman responded by saying he was unaware of the email.

Last summer, DMV was beset with months of long wait times as customers spent hours lined up in the heat and elements outside of driver license offices to get a new license or ID card.

“We’re working hard! Our people, they’re great people. Our examiners are great people. They know what they’re doing,” Jessup said in August 2018 at a news conference called to address the long wait times.

“They’ve been trained thoroughly in how to make these transactions go as quickly as possible and we’re always looking for efficiencies in our process,” Jessup said at the time.

But internal documents obtained by WBTV last year show the number of licenses and ID cards issued by the DMV in May through July 2018 were within the average number of licenses issued each month the previous two years.

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