Pair arrested after reported drug deal leads to fatal hit-and-run

Drug deal leads to hit-and-run

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A fatal hit-and-run in north Charlotte left one man dead and two people in custody overnight on Saturday morning.

The accident occurred on Trinity Road after CMPD was dispatched to the scene of a car crash with injuries reported. Upon arriving at the scene, officers located a man who would later be pronounced deceased by medics at the scene along with a damaged Kia SUV and Honda Accord.

The victim in the incident was later identified as Desmond Stevens, 21.

Police spoke with witnesses at the scene and determined that a driver and passenger from the Accord had fled the scene on foot after crashing into the Kia, which was parked but occupied at the time.

While investigating the matter, police received a call from the driver of the Accord, who reported that his vehicle had been stolen during an armed robbery at the scene. The driver and a juvenile passenger later agreed to turn themselves in to authorities where they were interviewed by police.

During the ensuing interview, detectives determined that Scott McMannes, 21, and Zachary McMannes, 17, were conducting a drug deal in the Honda Accord with the victim when an altercation occurred, leading the two occupants of the car to drive off while the pedestrian continued holding onto the car until it crashed into the Kia.

Following the interview, Scott McMannes was charged with felony hit-and-run, misdemeanor hit-and-run and possessing counterfeit US currency. Zachary McMannes was charged with felony hit-and-run and misdemeanor hit-and-run as well.

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