Waxhaw dad frustrated with cars passing son’s stopped school bus: ‘It’s very common around here'

Father fed up with cars passing school bus

WAXHAW, NC (WBTV) - A Waxhaw dad is fired up about a problem he says puts his nine-year-old son in danger.

Cars are regularly passing his kid’s stopped school bus, he says, even when with the bus’s “stop” sign is clearly displayed, and red lights are flashing.

This week, he took a cell phone video of a logging truck doing this.

“Really, a logging truck,” Brad Cunningham is heard saying on the video. “Come on!”

The dad is afraid drivers regularly running through the bus “stop” sign will cause a wreck, or get someone hurt.

“I get excited when people do stop” he says. “Most of the time, they don’t at all.”

Cunningham says it is at least twice a week, sometimes three or four, that cars fly by his son’s stopped bus.

“Eventually, there’s going to be an accident,” he says.

The Union County Sheriff’s Department says it’s tough to take action against drivers in situations like this, unless you get the license number, or a deputy catches the driver in the act.

This dad says he has called deputies hoping to make that happen.

“Being a passive observer is no longer an option,” Cunningham says. “You need to get involved, say something, do something.”

His stop on New Town Road in Waxhaw is a busy area, right next to an intersection. Still, he hears from bus drivers and other parents across town, and says he is not alone.

“What I experience here is not unusual,” he says. “It’s very common around here. And that sucks.”

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