Rami Alramadhan, UNC Charlotte shooting survivor, released from hospital

UNCC shooting survivor released from hospital

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A member of the UNC Charlotte Saudi Student Organization tells WBTV that shooting survivor Rami Alramadhan was released from the hospital Thursday.

Omar Alkhudhr is the cultural affairs representative for the Saudi Student Organization. He says the group acts as a support system for students that come to UNCC from Saudi Arabia since many of them are here without their families. He says they celebrate together on holidays and help each other with translations, schoolwork and any other needs.

Alkhudhr says he did not know of Rami Alramadhan until after the shootings. He learned one of the victims was from Saudi Arabia, so he and other Saudi Arabian students rushed to area hospitals to show him support.

Eventually they learned Alramadhan was being treated in Uptown Charlotte. They were able to tell Alramadhan’s father that he would be okay. Alkhudhr says Alramadhan’s father is traveling to Charlotte from Saudi Arabia. He is expected to arrive in Charlotte Thursday evening.

Alkhudhr says when he saw Alramadhan in the hospital he appeared to be doing well.

“To be honest he was really good. He was really strong even though he got two bullets,” Alkhudhr said.

He says Alramadhan told him and the other students that he was shot at three times, but only two of the bullets hit him.

“One in the stomach here, but it didn’t go through,” Alkhudhr said.

The other bullet grazed a part of his arm. Alramadhan reportedly didn’t know he was hit in the arm until he arrived at the hospital.

Alkhudhr says Alramadhan was released Thursday without undergoing surgery. He is continuing his recovery at a friend’s house while he waits for his father’s arrival.

Alkhudhr says Rami described how the shootings happened.

To clarify, Alkhudhr was not in the Kennedy building at the time of the shooting. The information in this article is what Alkhudhr says Alramadhan told him during their visit at the hospital.

According to Alkhudhr, the anthropology classroom in the Kennedy building has two entrances: one in the front of the room, one in the back of the room.

Alkhudhr said the gunman entered through the front entrance.

“He didn’t act or react. He didn’t show anything. He didn’t do anything. He just opened the door and smiled and took out his gun and just tried shoot randomly,” Alkhudhr said.

While some students escaped out the back door, others - like Alramadhan - were sitting closer to the front.

Alkhudhr said the victim Riley Howell jumped at the gunman, which bought time for other students to escape.

“When this student jumped at the guy he was yelling “go, go, go” like for the student. He wanted to save them. But he couldn’t,” Alkhudhr said.

Some students were able to escape because of Riley’s sacrifice, but Alramadhan didn’t make it out in time.

“When he {Alramadhan} arrived to the door the guy {the gunman} was free from the other victim,” Alkhudhr said. “That’s when he got shot because he tried to pass him and the guy tried to shot him three times.”

Seconds later, police arrived.

Alkhudhr says this was Alramadhan’s first semester as a student at UNCC.

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