Charlotte council question response, show support for officers after release of complete body-camera video

City reacts to full-length body cam video of deadly officer-involved shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Some Charlotte city council members are backing the actions of the officer at the center of the shooting of Danquirs Franklin while still questioning how police responded after the shots were fired. CMPD released the complete 11 minute video from the body-camera of Officer Wende Kerl, who shot and killed Danquirs Franklin while responding to a 911 call about a man threatening people inside a Burger King.

In a statement to WBTV Councilman Justin Harlow said he believed that Franklin didn’t have to be shot.

“I personally believe that he didn’t have to be shot at all, and I understand others may feel like the shooting was justified. That is for an investigation to decide,” Harlow wrote.

Of particular concern to some council members was the apparent lack of medical assistance or attention officers gave Franklin after he was shot.

“In order to understand it properly you need to understand what training they had and what actions were appropriate,” Councilman Ed Driggs said.

“But if you just step back and look at it again as a person I think we all on council were just troubled that our instinct would have been to go to him.”

Councilman Greg Phipps also had concerns about the lack of assistance but he praised CMPD Chief Kerr Putney for stating that officers are expected to provide assistance in those situations and they will work on that policy.

“That was an aspect we looked at that was of some concern so hopefully policy changes would change some of that,” Phipps said.

“Officers should have definitely rendered aid to Mr. Franklin,” Harlow wrote.

“There is no excuse for that. Our policy calls for it. Multiple officers arrive to the scene and no one offers to help Mr. Franklin until who is clearly still moaning and still breathing.”

Officer Larry Deal, who was also on-scene with Kerl, said in the footage that he did not have his body-camera on. CMPD data also backs up that he had no camera recording at the time of the incident.

“I think that’s something that is going to be looked at and I would expect that all officers have the body cameras on.” Phipps said.

“We had a case here where an officer was supposed to be wearing his body-camera and wasn’t and that is covered by our existing procedures and he will have to answer for that,” Driggs said.

While other members of council have also raised these questions many are also showing support for Officer Kerl.

“I think that judging her by anything that you’re able to observe in hindsight and saying wow she should have done this or whatever I give her credit and all the the officers credit for willing to be able to go to a scene like that,” Driggs said.

“While there are many families that are grieving, we can’t forget what Officer Wende Kerl is going through right now,” Councilman Tariq Bokhari said in a statement.

“If anything, the relese of this longer video shows the humanity of what these brave officers face when they have t take a life.”

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