School board discusses scenarios for Rea Farms Relief School in south Charlotte, parents say options aren’t viable

School board discusses scenarios for Rea Farms Relief School in south Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - South Charlotte parents are concerned with the Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board’s plans for Rea Farms Relief School.

As reported in the past, Rea Farms is a school which taxpayers voted “yes” to years ago on a bond to build as relief for overcrowded middle and elementary schools in the south Charlotte area.

At this week’s school board meeting, parents say none of the three scenarios that CMS staff presented to the board for that school - are viable options.

Here’s the scenarios proposed:

  • Scenario A would be a grades K-8 school with no choice seats.
  • Scenario B would still be a K-8 school but it would be a magnet school with choice seats.
  • Scenario C would be a traditional middle school but no choice of seats.
(Source: WBTV)
(Source: WBTV)

At the meeting, school board member Rhonda Cheeks brought up the proposal for a fourth scenario which would be a full K-8 magnet school. The response from the audience was a room full of applause.

But the main takeaway parents wanted the school board to hear was - they want more time.

The board is supposed to vote on the Rea Farms Relief School structure on May 14, but parents say it’s not enough time to gather the input the district needs and in their opinion should want - to make a decision like this.

Parents want the board to hold off on the vote until July. There’s no word yet on if that change will happen.

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