Community supports former Iredell Co. Sheriff’s deputy’s MS treatments

Community supports former Iredell Co. Sheriff’s deputy’s MS treatments

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Chris Snow is a doer.

“If I can’t do something, it tears me apart,” he says.

But a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis has slowed him down in a major way.

“I went from 100 miles an hour to 1,500 miles an hour,” he says.

It’s why he’s had to leave the line of duty, as an Iredell County Sheriff’s Deputy.

It’s been tough.

“If I went out and had seen a patrol car, it just tore me up, that I couldn’t be out there,” he says.

By December 2017, Snow was nearly at the point of having to use a wheelchair at all times.

“My kids, when I got home, would be like ‘Daddy fell again today,’” his wife Danielle Snow says.

As for treatment - he’d run out of options.

“I was going to try anything,” Snow says.

After a lot of research, ‘anything’ turned into a trip out of the country, to the nation of Panama, to get non-FDA-approved stem cell treatments.

They proved to be somewhat of a miracle - from needing a wheelchair, to walking on his own.

“When we left there, he was walking with one forearm crutch,” Danielle Snow says.

“Just the very next morning I couldn’t believe the difference,” Chris Snow says.

Snow is overdue for a second treatment. He is months late, and fearful he will start regressing if it does not come soon.

But, it is expensive.

He has not been able to get back yet. But the deputy, who is still on ‘inactive reserve’ with the sheriff’s department, is supported by a community stepping up, fundraising, to get him back for that round two.

“It’s just amazing that people would put aside their time to help us,” Danielle Snow says.

Iredell County’s First Responders Support Services has had multiple fundraisers so far, and say they have more in the works. Those interested should find them on Facebook under the page, “First Responders Support Services,” where more information will be listed.

A benefit ride for Chris Snow is scheduled for May 18, 2019, and is sponsored by Red Knights NC13 and STE Powersports. Registration starts at 9:30 a.m. The event is happening at 1426 Northside Drive in Statesville and is $25 per motorcycle.

All proceeds will benefit Chris Snow and his medical treatments.

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