Fill Your Bucket List Foundation grants wishes for adults fighting cancer

Foundation helps patients battling cancer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Granting wishes for sick children is what “Make-A-Wish” Foundation has made possible across the country for years, but one North Carolina woman decided there was a need to do the same for adults.

Peggy Carroll founded the Fill Your Bucket List Foundation in 2014 in memory of her dad.

“My father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and I knew we had a very limited time with him and I basically said what’s your bucket list?” she said.

Ever since then she helps other cancer patients fill their bucket lists too.

In February 2018 Harriet Garris was diagnosed with breast cancer. Next came her lumpectomy, four rounds of chemo and radiation at Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte.

“Mama has boldly and confidently gone through everything and she has never wavered in her faith," Harriet’s daughter Cindy said.

Her daughter wanted to do something special for her, but could not find an organization to help her do what she wanted.

She asked her doctor for a recommendation, and that’s how she found the Fill Your Bucket List Foundation.

“What would mean the most to her is having her family and friends around that had supported her throughout this cancer battle,” Cindy said.

So they decided to throw her a surprise birthday party at Maggiano’s with 40 of her closest friends and family.

“I was so shocked I couldn’t say nothing I was just standing there!” Harriet said.

It was a simple wish.

“They provided the private room, they provided the cake, they provided balloons, a corsage, it was perfect," Cindy said.

Now, it’s an unforgettable memory for the family.

“It was just a room that was filled with so much love," Cindy said.

The foundation took off in the Raleigh-Durham area and is now spreading its wings across Charlotte, granting 120 wishes in total so far.

“A birthday party to a trip to the beach, a trip to the mountains, a trip to Nashville, a game, a lot of people want to go to games,” Carroll said.

Sometimes a granted wish gives families a final happy memory with their loved one.

Other times it gives them a push to keep on fighting.

“Strength, faith and hope,” Harriet said. “You will get through it.”

The Fill Your Bucketlist Foundation is building its team of volunteers here in Charlotte.

For more information on how you can get involved, click here.

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