Former Gov. McCrory says man beat his car with tree limb while driving in Charlotte

Former Gov. McCrory says man beat his car with tree limb while driving in Charlotte
Pat McCrory (Source: Charlotte Observer)

CHARLOTTE, NC (Jane Wester//The Charlotte Observer) - A man attacked former N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory’s car with a tree limb in Charlotte, McCrory shared Thursday on his WBT radio show.

McCrory said he was turning at the intersection of Selwyn Avenue and Runnymede Lane Wednesday when he stopped to let a man walk through the crosswalk.

“He turned toward me and he starting cussing and yelling at me,” McCrory said on the radio show. “And I think he banged on the hood of my car. And I said, ‘This is interesting.’”

McCrory urged the man to continue crossing the street, then realized the man had a big stick in his hand.

“A huge stick — a limb. A huge limb. It’s taller than he is and he is a big man. Probably 6’1”, 6’2”, gray hair with a gray beard, big man, looks like a former championship wrestler. This is how I remember him — God knows if it’s true.”

The man yelled that he recognized McCrory, the former governor said, and continued swearing at him.

“He proceeds to take his big limb ... and he slams it on top of my car,” McCrory said. “Whoa. I open my door, take one foot out. He turns back toward me and it’s obvious he’s bigger than me, he has a huge branch and (is) ready to do damage again.”

McCrory considered getting out of the car, he said, but he noticed someone videotaping the interaction from a nearby car.

McCrory said he drove away and pulled into the back of Park Road Shopping Center, debating whether to call the police. McCrory said he didn’t want “a big story,” but he realized he’d need to report the incident to his insurance company to fix the damage to his car.

The police were helpful, McCrory said, but he and his wife were alarmed by the incident because it was so close to their house.

“The more I think about it, I’m not laughing about it,” McCrory said. “I’m angry about it.”