Rob Gronkowski dents New England’s Super Bowl trophy

He used the Lombardi Trophy as a bat

Rob Gronkowski Used The Lombardi Trophy As a Baseball Bat

(Gray News) – Rule No. 1: Treat your Super Bowl trophy with respect, even if you have six of them.

Rule No. 2: Think twice before giving it to Rob Gronkowski.

A new video from New England reveals the Patriots failed on both counts and now their latest Vince Lombardi Trophy has a baseball-sized dent in it.

“Rob Gronkowski left a mark on this organization,” the team said on Twitter. “And on the sixth Lombardi.”

The recently retired tight end was with the team on opening night for the Boston Rex Sox and their World Series ring ceremony.

Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman was going to toss the ceremonial opening pitch at the April 9 game and decided he needed some practice. “Gronk” stood in as the batter, grabbing the Lombardi Trophy to simulate a bat.

“If it’s Rob and he’s standing up there with the trophy, he’s not going to not hit that ball that Julian’s throwing. He’s definitely going to hit it,” Offensive tackle Cole Croston told

“Julian isn’t throwing it real soft. He’s throwing it pretty hard.”


If it had been in a game, Gronkowski would have laid down a perfect bunt.

In the video posted to social media, Patriots players erupt with “oh.” The kind of “oh” when you’re having fun, but you know something bad just happened.

“Nobody would have done that but Gronk,” cornerback Stephon Gilmore said.

But the team’s good with it.

“Maybe they’ll fix it down the road. That’s something they can always fix in the future, but at least for now, we’re going to keep the dent and tell the story,” said running back James White.

And from center Ted Karras: “I love that’s how he ends it. It’s going to go down in sports lore: the dent in the Lombardi from Gronk and Edelman.

Oh, and Gronk’s response?


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