Myers Park HS athlete heads to USA Women’s basketball trials

Myers Park HS player selected for USA team trials

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Its not everyday that you get to try out for a USA athletic team in front of the USA Olympic committee, but a Myers Park high school athlete is doing just that.

In the classroom, Taylor Henderson is a sophomore IB student, but on the basketball court you can find her in the number 2 jersey.

“She’s a leader on the team," says head coach of Varsity women’s basketball at Myers Park, Barbara Nelson.

Henderson is a shooting guard on Myers park’s varsity basketball team.

"I just like to play the game, I like to compete, I’m a very competitive person,” says Henderson.

She’s is taking her competitive spirit to the national level. In just a few weeks, Taylor is heading to Colorado to the USA Olympic training facility.

“It’s a three day tryout trying to make the team, your running skills and drills and then the USA Olympic committee picks the team," says Henderson.

The USA 16U women’s basket ball team and Olympic training facility is something Taylor’s coach, Barbara Nelson, knows well - Nelson coached the first ever team.

"Its not necessarily the twelve best players, it’s the twelve that make the best team,” says Nelson.

Qualities which nelsons says Henderson has. Nelson says its not usual that players who make the team Henderson is trying out for - eventually end up on the USA Olympic team.

"She has other pieces to her game and because she has such a high IQ in the classroom she takes that to the floor, she can read all of those defensive plays coming at her.”

If Henderson makes the team, she’ll play in the Americas tournament. But regardless, Nelson says Henderson showing her skills in front of the USA Olympic committee helps make a name for herself and her career down the road.

So what does Henderson say is her strategy heading into the trails?

“I just have to go out there and compete if I want to be selected, I know I am going to be playing against really good girls. I just need to showcase my talents against them if I want to be selected for the team."

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