Drivers ignore ‘no turn’ signs at Mint Hill intersection, neighbors report regular crashes

Drivers ignore ‘no turn’ signs at Mint Hill intersection, neighbors report regular crashes

MINT HILL, NC (WBTV) - One after the other, cars at Wilson Grove Rd. and Central Dr. in Mint Hill pay no mind to the signs.

“Seven days a week, 365, it’s an issue,” neighbor Lara French says.

There are two signs posted in separate directions within the intersection, prohibiting turns there, during certain hours. They mostly go ignored.

“People cut it too short and they don’t pay attention,” French says.

The mom has been first on scene, she says, to many wrecks in her seven years living there.

“If somebody did get hurt, it’s a matter of seconds I could’ve done something,” she says.

WBTV checked with Mint Hill Police, Thursday. They say their latest numbers show, since January 2018, there have been 14 wrecks at this spot.

“It’s chaos there, all the time,” neighbor Brad Vinciguerra says.

He says he and others have asked officials to look into it.

“Me and my wife, yeah, everybody has made phone calls,” he says. “Because it’s concerning, somebody’s going to get hurt or killed, which would be horrible.”

The crossing is just down the road from Independence High School.

“High schoolers are walking, and they have to walk through this busy street, and it’s not safe,” French says.

These neighbors want to see some kind of change, whether it’s a light, more stop signs or more enforcement.

“For the safety of one’s child and someone else’s mom or dad, or sister, it’s worth it to me,” French says.

WBTV called NCDOT Thursday to let them know about this. They say anyone concerned about an intersection like this should call their traffic engineering department at (704) 983 – 4400. They say they could likely get a team out to do a crash analysis on the area.

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