Family pleads for answers two months after son killed in Charlotte

Family pushes for answers in son's murder in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It has been 53 days since Tyshawn Boyd was shot on Sugar Creek Road.

“He’d be able to cheer you up if you were having a bad day,” his mom Tynesha Boyd says.

The Boyd family has been taking his loss one day at a time. They say they have not heard anything new from detectives, since the shooting.

“They still haven’t told me nothing,” Tynesha Boyd says. “So, I’m just sitting back waiting.”

They say this son and brother won’t truly be at rest, until they find answers.

“If we got any detail of anything, what happened or anything,” she says tearfully. “It’s like we don’t know nothing.”

Tyshawn had just turned 21.

He had been charged before with crimes. The Boyds say they knew their son was not perfect. But no one deserves to be murdered.

“He got in his trouble,” dad Rodney Boyd says. “But he was never out there to hurt nobody.”

His mother says she cannot guess why anyone would want to kill him.

“He was just a friend to everybody,” she says.

She adds, their family is puzzled by the missing information, after a shooting in such a busy spot.

“The bridge, intersection, stores, hotels, everything is right there,” she says. “I don’t understand, look how many witnesses.”

And, they say, phone calls to detectives come up empty.

“I can always have my theories, but that don’t mean nothing,” Tynesha Boyd says. “I want something to be said out loud, I want to know, you know?”

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