Coyotes are lurking in Union Co. Here’s why experts say there might be more sightings

Union County residents seeing more coyotes in their area

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Wildlife experts say there are two reasons you might be seeing more coyotes out during the day over the next few months - and while part of it deals with nature, the other factor could be economic growth.

Just this week a citizen posted a photo of what he says is coyote on the rail road tracks near Helms Road in Waxhaw. Kacey Elam professionally traps coyotes and other wildlife, he says in the Charlotte and Union county areas coyote sightings have been reported before.

“A lot of coyote sightings and reporting’s. We know that they’re a problem,” says Elam with AAAC Wildlife Removal.

(Source: Josh Pruss)
(Source: Josh Pruss)

Wildlife experts say there’s two main reasons you might be seeing Coyotes more often in the Union County area right now. First—its Mid-April which means its coyote pupping season and more coyote parents could be more protective of their den areas, being more active in hunting for food, even during the day.

The second reason is coyotes might be getting pushed to find homes in different areas.

“Especially in our wood lines and areas like that. As we build our homes and professional business properties were kind of getting into their environment,' says Elam.

Elam says coyotes are stealth and can be known to prey on house pets like dogs.

“I have a dog and he alerts me when they are in the woods. I don’t want to take any chances so I keep him inside," said one neighbor in the area where a coyote sighting was reported.

“Coyotes are opportunistic so they are very very intelligent animals," says Elam. “Theyre going to look at your pets as a potential prey animal, so put your pets up, do not approach the coyote, get yourself to a safe area and if you feel the need, give a professional a call.”

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