Could Beyoncé’s new Netflix film spark a spike in enrollment numbers for HBCUs across the Carolinas?

Updated: Apr. 18, 2019 at 7:15 PM EDT
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ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - We could see more students applying to historically Black colleges (HBCUs) in our area – and many believe its because of Beyoncé.

The singer just released a documentary on Netflix about her debut at last year’s Coachella festival and how HBCUs were the inspiration behind her performance. Now her fan base has been buzzing about Queen B’s influence.

Clinton College’s president, Dr. Lester McCorn, has even posted on Twitter about how great the documentary was.

He also told WBTV he appreciates that Queen B tipped her hat off to HBCUs because sometimes the love isn’t always there compared to the big-time schools in the Carolinas and across the country.

You can’t get far on Clinton’s campus without a mention of Beyonce’s Netflix project called “Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé.”

In the film, the singer shows her appreciate of black colleges, from the Greek letters to the marching bands and even the swag.

“Everybody is talking about it. You get on the phone with your friends...I was talking to my guy and he was like, ‘Did you see Beyoncé on Netflix?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah,’" said Averyeon Quick, the Assistant Women’s basketball coach for Clinton.

It’s no secret that Beyoncé is a household name and her influence is beyond belief.

“With the Beyhive, if Beyoncé says it, it’s almost like law. It’s written in the Bible,” said Sedrick Singletary, the school’s Director of Admissions.

So many are hoping that because Queen B loves HBCUs, students who are gearing up for college will too, and decided to enroll in one.

“She wants us to be number one just like all the other schools,” said freshmen Eric Simpson.

Dr. McCorn says he also believes in the power of celebrity. So much that he’s going to be watching the number of applications a lot closer over the next few years.

We’re growing steadily, but I do predict that there will be a nice uptick because of the attention,” said Dr. McCorn.

Sometimes HBCUs can be looked down on due to negative stereotypes from the quality of education, resources and work force readiness - but those who are and will become products of black schools don’t want you to just take Beyoncé's word for it – read up on it.

“I’m doing good with a 3.2,” Simpson boasted.

“I feel like other cultures should want to learn about the HBCU product instead of going off of what they hear,” Quick added.

If the “Beyoncé Effect” does bring in more student for Clinton, the president says he would like to tell thank the singer for her exposure and celebrating everything HBCUs stand for.

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