East Charlotte residents on edge over recent shootings

'This has to stop:' Neighbors frustrated over recent killings

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A deadly problem continues in our city. Two people killed in under 24 hours less than five miles apart.

First, two people shot Sunday on Hidden Valley Road. One person was killed and the other survived. Then on Monday morning, a man was found shot to death inside a car at an apartment complex on Barrington Drive.

Police say it’s too soon to tell if the two shootings are connected and there have been no arrests at this point. Neighbors say they are fed up with the violence.

While officials continue on with the investigations and ask for the public’s help in getting information, it’s neighbors who live in the East Charlotte neighborhood who also have something to say about these shootings.

“It’s happening too frequently,” said Vikki Helton, who lives in the area.

Enough is enough according to Helton.

“It’s all we hear on the news pretty much every day,” Helton continued.

Police say it was 20-year-old Jamil Davis who was shot and killed in the Hidden Valley area early Monday morning for reason officers have yet to figure out.

“It’s disturbing, it’s extremely sad.”

The other man who was gunned down along Barrington Dr. in the parking of the Vista Villa apartments hasn’t been named yet, because officers are still trying to reach out to family members.

Helton said she can’t stand to see one more person killed due to violence so she’s doing her part and speaking to members of her church about better ways to handle their problems. So when they leave the Sunday service, they can go out into the world – live their lives, without feeling like they have to take someone else’s.

“Because I’m a parent, it’s happening just too much. You hate to see young people, just in a bad spot.”

Just last weekend there was another homicide along Barrington Drive where a man was shot and killed during an attempted robbery. Police say they’ve struggled with homicide numbers but statistically they’ve seen a decrease of violent crime in this area.

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