Two Salisbury homes damaged when tree falls on W. Monroe Street

Tree fell between houses, damaging both

Two Salisbury homes damaged when tree falls on W. Monroe Street
Tajuan Kyles looks over her damaged home on Sunday afternoon. (David Whisenant-WBTV)

SALISBURY NC (WBTV) - Five people were displaced and two homes damaged after a large tree crashed on top of both of them late on Sunday afternoon.

“It’s not raining, it’s not storming, it is very weird,” said resident Tajuan Kyles, who safely got out of the house with four family members. “I would have expected it for a storm, but, you know, nothing."

The tree was completely uprooted from a spot near the sidewalk, and fell backwards between two houses in the 500 block.

Kyles said it happened right after she and her family got home from a church service.

“I was laying in the bed, we went to church today, had dinner, everybody came home and was in their various places resting,” Kyles said. “The next thing you know I heard a crash and I saw stuff just blow up across my bed. I was thinking ‘oh my God,’ when I walked out of my bedroom I saw that my hallway had crashed in, I looked up and saw the sky.”

The Salisbury Fire Department was on hand to keep everyone out of the house until it could be stabilized. The American Red Cross came to the scene to assist the family.

“I‘m so glad the Red Cross is out to help us," Kyles added. "They’re going to give us a night to stay and gives us time to wrap our heads around what happened and help with some other things, and one of our A.M.E. Zion pastors from the area to come by and help us out. I’m very thankful to our A.M.E. Zion family and for God’s protection over my family, we are doing fine.”

The house next to the one occupied by the Kyles family was also damaged, but not as extensively.

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