Storms moved across the Carolinas with tornado warnings, watches

Sunday morning forecast

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The WBTV viewing area braced for potentially damaging winds and hail as strong thunderstorms moved through Sunday. An isolated chance of a tornado also wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

Taking all of this into account, a First Alert was issued for the entirety of Sunday.

In South Carolina, a Tornado Warning was issued for Lancaster and Chesterfield Counties that expired at 5:45 p.m. A Tornado Watch issued for nearly the entire WBTV viewing area in both NC and SC remained in effect until 8 p.m.

Earlier in the day, a Tornado Warning was issued for several counties in NC as well. Those warnings all expired around 4 p.m., but the storms that rolled through left behind damage, including downed trees and power outages.

Before severe weather hit in the afternoon, Meteorologist Al Conklin expects temperatures to peak in the upper 70s.

“With summer-time dew points in the middle 60s, the humidity level remains sky-high,” said WBTV Meteorologist Al Conklin in his Sunday morning forecast. “It won’t take much additional rain for flash flooding to develop today, particularly in neighborhoods that were hard hit Saturday.”

Conklin outlined two severe weather possibilities Sunday afternoon:

  • If the sun pops out – for even an hour or two – the atmosphere would become alarmingly unstable this afternoon, adding fuel to an already volatile mix.
  • If the clouds told tight for the majority of the day, the wind energy aloft with this system is such that super-cell thunderstorms would be possible regardless.

“There is high confidence that the afternoon and evening hours will bring disruptive and severe weather – perhaps a couple of rounds – which would include damaging wind, large hail, flooding downpours and even a couple of tornadoes,” said Conklin.

An isolated chance of a tornado also isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. (WBTV)
An isolated chance of a tornado also isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. (WBTV)

WBTV Meteorologist Leigh Brock discussed the threat of severe weather in a Facebook Live Saturday night shortly before putting out the message on-air.

“A major system is coming this way,” said Brock. “It could be a really rough time out there.”

Brock forecasted the severe weather to impact the North Carolina mountains first around 2 p.m. The line of storms rolled through the foothills around 4 p.m.

First Alert Sunday!

Thunderstorms could bring strong to severe storms tomorrow. Here's Meteorologist @Leigh Brock with what to expect...

Posted by WBTV News on Saturday, April 13, 2019

At 6 p.m., eastern North Carolina counties within the WBTV viewing area will experience the severe weather before the system moves out.

“Localized flash flooding is a possibility,” warns Brock of Sunday afternoon, when a majority of the day’s rain falls.

More than two inches of rain has already fallen in the Charlotte area over the last two days.

Once the front exits to our east, the “all-clear” will be hoisted and things will quiet down, according to Conklin.

Sunshine will return on Monday with lower humidity and cooler temperatures - quiet weather last through Wednesday or maybe even Thursday.

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