The stories of children finding their Forever Family

Updated: Apr. 9, 2019 at 11:51 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Each and every one of us has a story made up of fabrics, woven together in an intricate way that provides us with opportunities to create something unique, something beautiful. As I reflect on the beauty of tapestry, I visualize the weaves that tie together, the way the textures blend in perfect harmony I cannot help but think of music. I think of the way that the lyrics blend with the hum of the guitar, the resonance of a voice, the beat of the drum to create something that brings others closer to through the beauty of art. Each and every song is a story, a journey that depicts and tells of brokenness, speaks of redemption and stirs a feeling within those who hear it. Music can resonate with you, challenge you, and draw you deeper into relationships with loved ones in a powerful way. In the same accord the voices of these children, the vulnerability in their stories and the hope the share will echo in your heart much like a familiar song sang by a favorite artist or musician.

For thousands of foster children nationwide the ability for their stories to be told, the chance for their voice to be heard, and the opportunity for redemption in their story is frequently drowned out by the other noises of this world that we miss their song. These children through no fault of their own enter into foster care, and if reunification with their birth family is not possible they wait. They wait for a family who is willing to adopt them, they wait for stability, they wait for permanency, and they wait to be home. Forever Family and Seven Homes saw the beauty in their stories and recognized the need to give these children the voice they deserve, and allow them to be heard. Every adoption starts with one family. Just like that one favorite lyric that plays in your head, and that one voice stirs your heart.

We hope that through the testimonies of these teens one family willing to say “yes” so that one child can reach one family and have the opportunity that will change their life and change their story, to change their song. There is a family out there for every child waiting to be adopted, but we need to be willing to first listen. We believe that permanency is something that EVERY single child deserves. We believe that part of our responsibility is to raise awareness about the children right here in our community waiting for homes and help you hear their voices and their cries for a family.

Adoption provides children with the opportunity to weave together their story with their forever family. It is the chance to blend cultures, traditions, and personalities in perfect harmony. Each and every story told by these teens, speaks of joy, love and the journey to their family. They beg for others to hear their song and respond like their parents did. I hope their story encourages you, =echos in your heart and challenges you to step out in faith and consider adopting. We ask you to consider saying “yes” to and help a child change their song. Jason Johnson says it best when he says, “Our ‘NO’ will be much more difficult on them than our ‘YES’ will ever be on us.”

Ashley McKinley

Program Development Director

North Carolina Forever Families Coordinator

Seven Homes Inc

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