Families ‘honor the past, hope for the future’ during National Crime Victims’ Week

Families “honor the past, hope for the future” during National Crime Victims' Week

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police invited families impacted by crime to police headquarters Tuesday, to mark “National Crime Victims’ Week.”

Their phrase used during this week is, “honoring the past, and hope for the future.”

Many of the families have lost loved ones too soon.

“We come together, and we find the support we need to get through this grief journey together,” mom Lu Prudhomme says.

Prudhomme’s daughter Cherilyn Crawford died because of violence 11 years ago.

Fredia Bishop’s son D’Antonio Hamilton was killed in 2012. She says the recent increase in Charlotte killings hits too close to home.

“It’s so hurtful,” she says. “It brings back a lot of memories.”

This year, there have been 37 people killed in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police jurisdiction.

And, years later, these family members live with the loss of their own.

“It’s hurting everybody in this city when you kill someone,” a man introduced as Mr. Price says.

CMPD offers resources and support groups for victims and families of victims of many different types of crimes. They also offer this support for victims of car crashes.

“It’s not just the victim and the victim’s family,” Martine Highet with Victim Services says. “It impacts so many families.”

But, for these families, it’s more than needing help after their own loss. They’re looking for proactive measures that can help call for an end to all the violence.

“Everybody just needs to stick together,” Bishop says.

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