Union Co. farmer creates seasonal ‘hay art’ for neighbors

Union County farmer creates seasonal “redneck hay art” for neighbors

UNION COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - It’s called “redneck hay art,” if you ask its creator.

And if you’ve driven by the Union County farmer’s land, you might know what he’s talking about.

For 35 years, Ray Killough has been creating giant creatures and scenes out of hay in front of his home near Old Monroe Road.

He did it with his dad, and now he’s carrying on the tradition, hoping to pass it on to his kids and grandkids who live nearby. It started out with a hay man, and now it’s several different seasonal fixtures throughout the year – right now, it’s the Easter bunny.

“The grandkids really enjoy it,” Killough says. “That’s one of the reasons we continue doing it, and we also get a lot of compliments. People seem to appreciate it, and so forth, I guess it’s a bit unusual.”

He says he’s received personal notes and letters from neighbors who appreciate the sight.

“We’re one of the last farms in the area,” Killough says. “We want to continue maintaining the farm atmosphere as long as we can.”

The Easter bunny will stay up until a few days before Easter. Then Killough will create a tomb out of hay, and will roll away the hay bale entrance Easter morning.

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