Hundreds attend funeral service for Kendal Crank

Published: Apr. 6, 2019 at 11:55 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The funeral service was held Saturday for Kendal Crank, the innocent mother who was shot and killed in a crossfire on her way to nursing class.

WBTV has been covering the story since the shooting first happened on North Tryon Street.

Family, friends and a large number of community members gathered Saturday to remember the 27-year-old as she was laid to rest.

“We’re going to miss her laughter, her smile she was a beautiful lady inside and out,” said Keesha Weldon, Kendal’s cousin.

Weldon says a big part of their family has been ripped out by senseless violence.

“My family is very close,” said Weldon. “Kendal was a big part of that family. She was a loving mother.”

A mother to two young children, 3-year-old Kyrie and 9-year-old La’Mya.

11-year-old Selah Miller heard and was heartbroken by Crank's story.

“All she was trying to do was just drive and she’s innocent and didn’t do anything all of a sudden she just got shot,” said Selah.

Will Adams from Team Tru Blue, who was asked to speak at funeral by the family, agrees.

“She didn’t deserve to die, just driving down the street you know no one deserves to leave like that,” said Adams.

At her funeral service Sunday there were pink bouquets, dresses and shirts. Friends said pink and blue were some of her favorite colors.

The church was so full of people that the programs were being reserved for family members in the service.

“Stop the violence, put the gun down and start hugging somebody,” said Adams.

Some of Kendal's coworkers wish they could do just that.

“I just remember looking back at her and her smiling and I wish I could have just given her a little tight hug before she walked off,” said Lutishia Evans, one of Kendal’s coworkers.

Lutishia Evans and Dale King worked with Crank.

“She was going to get her RN license soon she was going to school and I told her I was proud of her,” said King.

Coworkers, family, friends and members of the community said they want to come together to stop the violence that took Kendal’s life.

“She was striving to be her best as a mom, as a young lady, doing everything she could to make it in this world,” said Weldon.

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