BODYCAM VIDEO: Quick-thinking deputy rescues man threatening to jump from overpass

BODY CAM VIDEO: Berkeley Co. deputy saves man threatening to jump from overpass

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - A Berkeley County deputy’s quick action last month is being credited for saving the life of a man who threatened to jump off of an I-26 overpass.

Deputies responded on March 24 to a report of a man threatening to jump off a College Park Road overpass in Ladson. The 44-year-old man told a deputy he “did not want to live anymore,” the incident report states.

“Come on, man, don’t do it,” the deputy says in bodycam video just released by the sheriff’s office. “I need you here.”

“Who needs me?” the man asks.

“I need you here,” the deputy says.

“Man, you don’t need me," the man says.

“Yes, I do. You think I want to have you jump off that and hurt yourself?” the deputy says. “That’d hurt me. That’d ruin my life seeing that.” He tells the man he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night after seeing that.

“I care about you, because you’re a human life and you’re important,” the deputy insists.

The man said he wanted deputies behind him to move away or else he would jump.

The deputy instructed his fellow deputies to move back and told the man to look around and see that they were moving away, the report states. At that point, when he was looking towards the other officers, the deputy and a second deputy moved in quickly and pulled the man off the edge of the overpass.

They took the man into protective custody and transported him to an area hospital.

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