20-year breast cancer survivor featured on WBTV, dies

20-year breast cancer survivor featured on WBTV, dies
Rene Flock (Source: Flock family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - “Mom’s gone.”

That was the simple subject line from Carrie Flock in an email last week. The body of the email wasn't much more descriptive.

“Hey, Molly. Mom passed away today. 3-24-19. 3pm."


Rene Flock was a 66-year-old breast cancer survivor we had on WBTV a couple years ago. Every year leading up to Komen Charlotte’s “Race for the Cure,” she and her daughter would reach out, excited. This picture is one of my favorite of all photos from Race Day... Rene was proud to tell anyone about her journey, even strangers out there directing traffic.

Rene Flock
Rene Flock (Source: Carrie Flock)

Rene’s daughter, Carrie, is a retired boxer in Charlotte, who recently won the “NC Boxing Most Inspirational Award.” It’s hard to go through emotional times when you’re always known for being a tough girl. I wanted to write this to let her know we're thinking of her.

Rene was also a fighter: She’d been battling cancer for 20 years.

Carrie says last August, her mom took a break from chemo for a couple months because for seven years, she hadn’t had growth. At some point, she said, you start to tell yourself you’re okay. But in early March her mom went to the hospital and found out her liver was consumed with tumors. She also had a mass in her rectum.

A biopsy confirmed the worst.

“Breast cancer didn’t get her,” Carrie said. “Colon cancer did.”

Weeks later, it was over. That day, I got the email.

“Mom’s gone.”

In her last days, Carrie decorated Rene’s room with a beach look. Picture below.

Rene's beach-themed room
Rene's beach-themed room (Source: Flock family)

“We couldn’t get to the beach, so we brought the beach to her,” Carrie said. “Even in her last days, my mom wanted an upbeat, sunshine feeling.”

Make no doubt, Carrie will be at the Race this October and says she plans to have a big team to represent her mother’s memory.

“Who knows?” she said. “I might just ask strangers directing traffic to stop and listen.”

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