Settlement reached in Hardee’s Hepatitis A lawsuit

Settlement reached in Hardee's Hepatitis A outbreak

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit nearly a year after a Hepatitis A scare came from a Hardee’s restaurant in west Charlotte.

In June of 2018, patrons who dined at the Hardee’s on Little Rock Road were warned that a worker at the restaurant had tested positive for Hepatitis A, and that customers could have been exposed. Customers who dined at the restaurant between June 13 and 23 were urged to get a vaccination right away.

In the following days, Mecklenburg County Public Health reported that hundreds of adults and children received protection at free clinics set up just for the case.

A class action lawsuit was soon filed against Hardee’s and its franchisees, citing “expense, inconvenience, and distraction from everyday activities, due to the worry and stress of possible infection.”

On Wednesday, a settlement in that lawsuit was reached.

Each claimant will receive a share of $246,000, which will likely come out to just over $200 per person. Each claimant will also receive an additonal $1,000 in compensation.

The Hardee’s on Little Rock Road was never re-opened after the incident.

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