Forever Family: Meet Makayla

Makayla (Forever Family)
Makayla (Forever Family)
Updated: Mar. 26, 2019 at 7:15 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Energetic and articulate. Makayla is in the eighth grade, she loves history, she enjoys animals, and is happiest when listening to music and getting dolled up.

Not only does she have various passions and varied interests, but the thing about Makayla is she will tell you enthusiastically about each and everything she enjoys and will also share with you why each of these passions are important to her.

Makayla was quick to warm up to anyone willing to listen. While she was engaging and talkative, what stood out to me was that she was willing to listen to others and share the spotlight with them. She was not cocky about her talents, nor was she condescending if you didn’t have the amount of knowledge she had on a particular topic. She approached everyone with a spirited and kind hearted demeanor that made you want to learn more about what she had to say, and love the things she loved.

Her engaging disposition made her easy to work with, her eagerness to learn new things made her fun to be around and her appreciation made you thankful you took the time to connect with her. Makayla was a ham in front of the camera, singing and laughing and even had the boldness to look directly at the camera, unlike the majority of our children filmed. The only moment of the day that Makayla became serious and quiet was when she was getting her hair and make up done. She soaked up every moment of that chance to connect with someone and be close to someone. She loved when our hair and make up artist brushed her hair and she looked in the mirror as if she was trying to memorize that moment and hold on to it forever. She watched as the bright lipstick was brushed on her lips and was careful to make sure she did not move as if to mess it up. Makayla savored those moments to be doted on, nurtured and taken care of.

My hope for this sweet eighth grade girl is that she would find a family who embraces and enjoys her energy. A dad who will sit with her after school and listen to her enthusiastically tell him all about how she decorated her locker, who she sat next to in class and who the cutest boy in school is. A mom who would brush her hair, help her pick out her prom dress in high school someday and tell her what a beautiful young lady she is.

Makayla would soak up the love that a family could provide and at the same time would be appreciative of the chance to experience life with all the wonder, excitement and passion that she displayed at our Forever Family filming. We hope that we can find a family that embraces all the creativity she has to offer, I can almost picture her bolting through the door and rather than saying, “I’m Home” she will sing it, and her song will be brimming with all the energy, excitement and joyful boldness of a child who has found the one thing she wants most in life.

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