Neighbor offers helping hand after boy injured in NC lawnmower accident

Neighbor raising money to help 8-year-old seriously injured in lawnmower accident

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Tattoo artist Josh Mayes is hoping his talents illustrating tattoos can help raise money for a little boy who was seriously hurt during a lawnmower incident in Lincoln County. Mayes said he lives around the corner from the Clark Creek Road home where the incident took place Tuesday.

Braiden Brown and his 2-year-old sister were riding with his mom on a zero-turn lawn mower.

Brown’s stepfather, Robert Holt, was not home at the time, but told reporters his understanding of what happened is that the mower had stopped and the blade was not turning when the accident happened. For some reason, Braiden fell.

The little boy received serious cuts from the incident and was flown in a medical helicopter to CMC Main in Charlotte.

“We just know somebody had gotten hurt and then my mom seen the helicopter coming in to do the flight for life,” said Mayes in an interview Wednesday.

It didn’t take long for him to figure out why first responders were rushing to his community. He said he has five children of his own so it hit home for him.

“Honestly, just being a parent it upset me. I mean I hate hearing anything about kids being hurt. I couldn’t imagine it happening to any of my kids,” said Mayes.

Following the incident, law enforcement in Lincoln County sent a warning message to other parents, advising them not to allow their children to ride on zero turn lawn mowers.

“People can learn from this so it don’t happen to another kid,” said Captain Matt Lykins with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Mayes knew he wanted to help Brown’s family as soon as he learned of what had happened.

He shared a WBTV article online, telling the public he would collect money for a raffle, the winner of the raffle will get a new tattoo, and the proceeds raised will go to Brown’s family.

“Anytime you watch the news or any social media man it’s all negative, negative, negative, I’m just trying to give back,” said Mayes.

Hayes said he doesn’t know this little boy well, but he offered up a message for him.

“Stay strong man. That’s it. Stay strong and we got your back,” said Mayes.

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