Gov. Cooper declares April ‘NC Beer Month’ to celebrate local breweries

Gov. Cooper declares April ‘NC Beer Month’ to celebrate local breweries
(Source: Pablo Buffer)

ASHEVILLE, NC (WBTV) - North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed a proclamation Thursday declaring April as “NC Beer Month” to celebrate the state’s craft breweries and their economic impact.

Cooper signed the proclamation at Highland Brewing in Asheville, which is just one of about 310 breweries across the Tarheel State.

NC Beer Month, sponsored by the NC Craft Brewers Guild and Visit North Carolina with the NC Beer Guys, will include special events and travel deals that will " connect beer lovers with brews that draw on the state’s agriculture tradition, chefs and pitmasters who know how to pair their fare with beer, and lodging packages in destinations worth exploring."

If you have an account on, you’ll be able to unlock the NC Beer Month badge for a chance for trips to Wilmington and Rocky Mount.

Breweries will jump-start the month with late-March with events at venues across the state, including a party at Morgan Ridge Railwalk Brewery & Eatery in Salisbury. Once April begins, travelers can find their way to Hickory’s long-running Hickory Hops, Raleigh’s Brewgaloo, Charlotte’s Moo & Brew Fest and other events “that showcase a range of North Carolina beercraft.”

“North Carolina’s breweries speak to what today’s travelers are looking for,” said Wit Tuttell, executive director of Visit North Carolina. “They want experiences that are authentic, that are particular to the destination. Whether visiting a brewery in a tiny town or following an urban ale trail, travelers absorb elements of local color, character and heritage. From the very first sip, our beers create lasting impressions.”

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