Celebrating Non-Scale Victories for Day 80 of #TeamNOSugar!


CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - I read somewhere that the scale is a finicky foe. On your side one week and seemingly trying to kick you while you’re down (figuratively speaking , of course) the next!

That’s why I’m such a BIG fan of non-scale victories (also known as NSVs) and taking progress photos. They always do a better job of illustrating all the hard work that you’ve put in!

What’s a NSV? Any measure of success not connected to the scale. A smaller shirt/dress/pant size; being out for happy hour with friends — and NOT drinking; doing 10 pushups when you could only do one before; losing inches (hello!!) even though the scale is stubbornly the same.

All of these things — and countless other examples — are just as important if not more so than the number on the scale. Because as my TeamNOSugar warriors will tell you, the scale is NOT your only measure of success!

Brigida's transformation photo
Brigida's transformation photo (Source: Brigida Mack)

Celebrate every victory. Like the difference between my latest transformation photo in the video above: a shirt in a smaller size and fitting into a skirt than I haven’t been able to wear in nearly two years!

I also gave a shout out to one of my warriors, Jessica Blakeney. The Pageland, S.C. native continues to kill on her journey to living her best and healthiest life!

When I had her on First at 4:00 last fall (https://tinyurl.com/yyqt9mfb), she’d lost nearly 30lbs since June of 2018. Fast forward to day and she’s lost 56 lbs so far and made it to ‘onderland’ meaning she now weighs less than 200 lbs! A huge milestone for anyone who has ever struggled with their weight!

Check out the video above for more of her story.

Oh, and as of today (Tuesday) there are just 10 days left in Round Three of TeamNOSugar 2019 so let’s finish strong and get ready for Round FOUR!

We end Round Three on Friday, March 29 — and will start Round Four on Monday, April 1st!

That’s right, another 30-day challenge is on deck! You can still #JoinTheMovement and #ChangeYourLife — so what are you waiting for??

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