Was vigilante justice behind the fatal shooting of carjacking suspect?

Suspected carjacker shot and killed

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte Mecklenburg Police say they’re still piecing together the fatal shooting of a carjacking suspect in a parking lot on West Trade Street.

Was it a case of vigilante justice? Was someone trying to take the law into his own hands? “At this point I can't say what the motivation is - if the people involved were trying to intervene to help the victim – I don't know," said Captain Chris Dozier. “Right now, we’re certainly investigating several leads, spoke to all of the witnesses, a lot of video cameras downtown so we’re confident we’re going to be able to identify or get a good handle on who the suspects are” said Captain Dozier.

It started early Saturday morning. Police say the carjacking victim called 911. But, sources say that man also told other people in the parking lot what had happened to him.

The suspect, Brandon Clark, was still on the scene. He apparently couldn't get the car to start. Police say Clark got out of the vehicle. "At some point, we're not exactly sure what the circumstances are, but other individuals intervened and there was a shooting" said Capt. Dozier.

According to police sources, investigators are looking into whether one or maybe more of the people who were told about the carjacking - went to their car, got their gun or guns, and shot Clark. Police say bullets also hit a nearby apartment and a woman’s car. Investigators say the shooter or shooters left before police could get there. Clark died in the parking lot.

“The fatal shooting is a criminal act,” said Capt. Dozier. “Obviously there was other carelessness of what happened. There were other vehicles shot into, an apartment that was occupied so right now we are treating it as a criminal act."

Sources say police are also investigating if the carjacking suspect was involved in an earlier incident, possibly an attempted carjacking, and those victims came upon the scene and shot the suspect.

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