Steve Crump’s journey back to WBTV after battle with cancer

Steve Crump returns to WBTV after battle with colon cancer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Mountain top highs have come from overseas assignments in places like Sudan and Bosnia. Access to well-respected global leaders, and team work with esteemed colleagues are also a highlight.

However, disappointing moments can also be delivered when you least expect it. And nothing can compare to the frightening diagnosis delivered back on July 21.

That’s when I learned that colon cancer had attacked my body.

Here’s how I explained recently on WBTV morning break: “People talk about a reality check. This is a mortality check.”

Sharing my illness openly, honestly and publicly was one thing - but living with and recovering from colon cancer has not been an easy task.

Dr. Mohammed Salem from the Atrium Health’s Levine Cancer Center is my oncologist.

“If you are 45 years old or older, please talk to your doctor and get screened,” Dr. Salem urges.

Bouncing back has also required needed assistance, love, and understanding from my beloved wife, Cathy.

And heartfelt gratitude has come from hospital visits, and needed prayers and social media posts that have come from close friends, unknown viewers and complete strangers.

Dr.Ricky Woods of First Baptist West understands how disadvantaged minority communities are impacted by cancer.

“Cancer has had a huge impact in the African American community,” Woods told WBTV. “Obviously the faith community has been impacted by that as well. So we’ve been working on health education. Helping people make better lifestyle choices.”

According to Dr. Salem, healing can be helped by spending time in familiar surroundings.

“I could tell in the case of Mr. Crump going back to work was very important to him,” he said.

And that it is.

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