Two now charged in connection with convenience store robberies in Rowan County

Two now charged in connection with convenience store robberies in Rowan County
Botteon, left, and Waddell, right. (Rowan Sheriff's Office)

ROWAN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Two people have now been charged in connection with incidents at three convenience stores in Rowan County on Wednesday.

There was an attempted armed robbery at the Kangaroo Mart in China Grove just after 4:00 am, an armed robbery at the Rushco on Jake Alexander Boulevard in Salisbury just after 5:00 am, and another armed robbery at Pop’s County Store on Highway 601.

No one was hurt, but money and cigarettes were taken from the Rushco, and money stolen from Pop’s.

Investigators initially identified Spencer Van Botteon as the suspect in the robberies. Warrants were later obtained by RCSO detectives for Joseph Waddell for the Pop’s County Store robbery.

According to the report, Botteon was driven to the store on Highway 601 in a white Chevy truck driven by Joseph Kent Waddell, of Cleveland.

On Thursday, Rowan County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a possible location of Waddell in a white Chevy truck, located in the area of Charolais Drive, off Longs Ferry Road. RCSO Deputies arrived and were able to locate Joseph Waddell who was arrested.

RCSO Deputies also located Spencer Botteon a short distance away, at a residence where the home owner identified the suspect, and called deputies to the residence.

Botteon, 20, of Carolyn Drive, was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon by the Rowan Sheriff’s Office and Salisbury Police. According to warrants, Botteon used a “black semi-automatic handgun” to threaten two people at Pop’s, and the worker at the Rushco while committing the robberies.

Bond is set at $75,000.

Joseph Kent Waddell was also charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon in the case involving Pop’s Country Store. Bond for Waddell was $25,000. He is currently out on that bond.

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