Dream On 3 sends Myers Park High School student to Lake Tahoe, unique dream comes true

Dream On 3: Students send teen on trip of a lifetime

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There are stories we tell you about sports dreams coming true for local kids in our area, but we’ve never told you one like this.

Jackson Campolmi is a 17-year-old at Myers Park High School student who has a rare genetic syndrome which results in developmental and intellectual disabilities and seizures. He’s mostly non-verbal.

But he’s also beloved by his fellow classmates. Which is why a group of kids from Myers Park HS got together with local non-profit charity Dream On 3 and sent Jackson, his parents and brother Caden on the family trip of a lifetime to Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe. One of Dream On 3’s most unique dreams yet.

Once on the slopes, Jackson’s parents, Chris and Adrienne Campolmi, said you could tell their son was excited because he was hitting his poles and making noise.

“He's enjoying it,” Chris said. “When he bangs like that, it means he's like let's go. He's do it."

On his first run, Jackson had two helpers and used a glider. Even though his parents were hesitant to have him try standing up alone to do so… the group with the adaptive ski program at Tahoe, worked and worked with Jackson and on Day Two, everyone watched Jackson ski standing up by himself with no glider at all.

“It was a most powerful moment,” said Dream On 3 organizers. “Specially-trained experts pushed Jackson to do his best and he not only delivered and surpassed all expectations, he had a blast doing it. It was a dream for all of us to see.”

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