Widening project could take out businesses and a church in Granite Falls

Widening project could takeout businesses and a church in Granite Falls

GRANITE FALLS, NC (WBTV) - Highway 321-A can be a congested road through the small town of Granite falls at times.

“You can find yourself sitting at a dead stop,” said Lance Houston.

It’s one reason why the Department of Transportation thinks a change is in order. A proposal is in its final stages to widen the road and put a turning lane in. As part of the project, part of Dudley Shoals Road will be moved away from the center of town.

The cost will be more than just money, though, say the people there. A number of businesses and even a church will have to move.

“It’s History” said Dale Buff. The Rock Chapel Church of God has been there for about 90 years. The old portion of the church was built with rocks hauled in by church members in the 1930s. Pastor Casey Fenn says it will be tough to sell the property to the state but knows, if plans don’t change, that is what they will have to do.

“Very often God hands us a situation we don’t always like but the end result is him doing a new work.”

The state says plans could be tweaked in the coming months but for now, land acquisition could begin next year with construction starting within a year or two after. The total dollar cost will be more than $20 million.

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